Municipalism in the Age of Pandemia






3pm to 5.30pm

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, municipalist movements emerged in towns and cities around the world with the goal of building power at local level, inside and outside of government institutions. 

What challenges does physical distancing pose for a movement whose power is based on physical togetherness on the streets and popular assemblies? What are the inequalities that are being created or exposed by COVID? How are radical local governments responding to the pandemic? 

This Webinar will explore these and other questions, using the example of the municipalist government in Barcelona as a case study. 

  • A review of the key characteristics of municipalism
  • An analysis of the impact of COVID, lockdown, and physical distancing on municipalism
  • Examples of local policies that respond to COVID while protecting and reinforcing local democracy and social equality.
  • A deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of municipalism as a political movement
  • Principles to guide policy responses and communications strategy at local level
  • Awareness of the risks that the pandemic poses to local democracy and municipalism going forward
  • Local authority staff or members who are working on policy responses to the social and economic impacts of the pandemic
  • Local councilors and political campaigners
  • Social movement activists and community group members

Kate Shea Baird (London, 1985) works as a political advisor at the Barcelona Provincial Council. She is a member of the Executive Team of Barcelona En Comú, where she is responsible for communications and policy. She authored the chapter ‘How to create a participatory municipalist candidacy’ in the Fearless Cities book (2018) and her articles about municipalism have been featured in Roar Magazine, Red Pepper,, In These Times, and the Indypendent, among other publications.

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