Social Ecology: Creating an Ecological Society






3pm to 5.30pm

As the world faces multiple, interrelated crises in economics, public health, agriculture, and energy, highlighted by Covid 19, we are once again reminded of the impact of our society upon the rest of the natural world. Social Ecology recognises that ecological problems are at root social problems, and suggests that the solution to those problems is the creation of an ecological society. 

Join this webinar for a comprehensive overview of Social Ecology, an interdisciplinary body of ideas that explores the relationship between social and ecological problems from a transformative political perspective. The session will explore a wide range of interrelated themes (see What to Expect) also talk about the work of the Institute for Social Ecology, which has provided community-based educational programmes, popular education, and organising assistance to social and political movements, informed by a community-centred vision of positive, ecologically-oriented social change since 1974.

  • An exploration of the emergence of hierarchy and domination in society
  • The nature of democracy and state
  • Capitalism and inequality
  • Global power relations
  • Technology and food systems
  • Movement history and political strategy
  • New understanding of the social roots of ecological problems
  • New insights into the nature of nature
  • Better grasp of limits of many protest movements and the need for a holistic reconstructive vision

Everyone - especially those concerned with social and ecological problems, those who want to change the world but aren’t sure how

Daniel Chodorkoff, Ph.D., anthropology, New School for Social Research, is co-founder and former executive director of the ISE. He is an urban anthropologist and activist with special interests in community development and utopian studies, and has authored numerous articles on both subjects. Dan has been active in the Green movement and was a longtime faculty member at Goddard College. His essays on social ecology and community development have been published under the title, The Anthropology of Utopia, by New Compass Press. He has also published a novel, Loisida, on community and environmental justice struggles in the Lower East Side of NYC in the 1970s.

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