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Jul 27, 2021

We've created a simple step-by-step guide to using the programme (above) and a learning enquiry form to assess your needs and recommend courses to support your individual or organisational development.

15% off for 30 days!

You can use discount code – NEP15 – at checkout before 26 August.

Scroll down to see the new webinars or explore the full programme at stirtoaction.com/workshops.

Psycho-Social: An Introduction to Community Psychology

Sally Zlotowitz, Eden Lunghy, Lita Wallis

29 September 2021 & 23 March 2022

As we recover from COVID-19, we recognise the incredibly important role our communities have played in ensuring people have food, emotional support and social connection during lockdown.

This webinar will provide an introduction to some core theories and approaches of community psychology and how to apply it to the new economies movement.

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Setting up a Community Food Co-op

Cooperation Town

20 October 2021

Cooperation Town is a new network of community food co-ops, organising on streets and estates across the country. We support the creation of small buying groups, providing their members with free and affordable groceries, sourced in bulk and distributed at a very low price.

Anyone can start a Cooperation Town food co-op on their street or estate! In this workshop we will share the basic principles and processes and help attendees take steps to start organising in their community.

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Raise investment through Community Shares

Isla McCulloch, Co-operatives UK

6 October 2021 & 10 November 2021

Since 2012, over £155 million has been raised in community shares to save and create over 440 democratically owned and run co-operative and community businesses across the UK.

This webinar will be delivered over three months (1.5 hour sessions), supporting you to develop your understanding of the model and planning in your own initiative.

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Art of Invitation

Ruth Ben-Tovim

2 October 2021 & 2 April 2022

The Art of Invitation explores creative ways of engaging communities in the ecological, cultural, and social challenges of our time. The workshop offers new creative tools for change that can resource you and your projects, groups, communities, and organisations.

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Flatpack Democracy: Time to make local politics work

Pam Barrett & Peter MacFadyen

17 November 2021 & 14 May 2022

Over the last 10 years a steadily growing number of places have found new ways to make the community level of local government function better. This course will look at how we got to where we are; share practical steps as we could do better; and both encourage and support participants to see how they can grasp a fast track to real change.

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