Introducing a New Stir to Action Co-op Member: Hannah Watson

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Jonny Gordon-Farleigh

Nov 24, 2020

Q: You’ve worked for Stir to Action for a year now. What were you doing before?

A: I was working with Incredible Edible Bristol for about three years as the volunteer coordinator. I hosted work parties in gardens across the city, working with volunteers to grow fruit and veg that is free for anyone to take. Parks, train platforms, a roundabout... you name it, we grew food there! The gardens are really embedded (literally) in their communities, and I was so lucky to work alongside some incredible volunteers, as well as the core team. I’ve also worked on a couple of local currencies, and dabbled in a bit of filmmaking, too.

Q: What is your current role at Stir to Action?

A: I’m working on a community-led housing project, in collaboration with a Dorset & Somerset  Housing Hub. The hub is designed to advise and support people to develop community-led housing, and Stir to Action was brought on board to help with communications. Most recently, I’ve run a series of webinars taking people through the different stages of community-led housing; from creating a group, through to planning and design, all the way to management and maintenance. Community-led housing provides a real solution to the housing crisis, and I’m enjoying telling folks all about it!

Q: You’ve just become a member of Stir to Action. Welcome! Why were you interested in co-op membership?

A:Hooray! I’m so pleased to be a member. It’s important to me for a lot of reasons. It means I have a vote, and am part of a democratic workplace, and everyone knows democracy is good for the wellbeing of all, right? I’ve known of and loved Stir to Action for a long time, after being introduced to the magazine back in 2015, so I feel really proud to be a member of the team. Also, being a member shows my commitment to co-operative values, and it means I take my share of responsibilities within the team.

Q: What keeps you up at night?

A: Unethical business. *shudders*

Q: One thing you are going to change?

A: I think there should be more vegetables in the world. So I’m going to keep growing vegetables.

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