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Stir to Action

Feb 3, 2022

Stir to Action started in 2012 as an online publication for the ‘new economy’. Since then we’ve developed a national training platform, digital accelerator, annual festival, community economic programmes, and a range of other activities that support democratic business and community empowerment in the UK.

In the last 18 months we’ve focused on strategic interventions through research, policy influencing, pilot programmes in succession markets, and working with local government on new business infrastructure.

We have recently published a 2022 strategic update here, with more information about current and future development, which gives an overview of our current range of activities. 

Role description

To continue our transition, we’re recruiting senior experience to support our infrastructural role. We’re looking for an ‘infrastructure builder’ to lead on:

Role details

How to apply

We are closing Expressions of Interest on 15 March, and we would like to hear from people who will be ready to start working with Stir to Action in May/June 2022. We encourage and welcome applications from all backgrounds.

Please send your CV and covering letter jonny@stirtoaction.com.

Who is Stir to Action?

We’re a platform to create a democratic economy in our workplaces and communities. We believe that by changing the fundamental nature of ownership of wealth and power in this country we can create the conditions to transform our economy, political culture, and wider society for the better. 

As an emerging infrastructure body we design and run economic and social development initiatives, which make strategic interventions into undeveloped areas, provision gaps, and underrepresented communities. As part of this approach, we focus on creating access to stranded assets and opportunities that goes far beyond what is narrowly conceived as ‘the economy’ and ‘business’, focusing on how democratic models can also determine social outcomes, such as local identity, collective efficacy, and social cohesion.

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