Alternative Finance: Win a Place!

by Fionn Travers-Smith
Mar 21, 2016

Would you like to win a sponsored place on activist and author Brett Scott's three-day Deep Dive into the Art of Financial Hacking? Well, thanks to our friends at Move Your Money, we're offering a place on the workshop.

The 2008 crisis showed how dysfunctional the modern financial system really is, creating huge toxic bubbles of risk that deliver little benefit for the real world, yet have deep-seated and damaging consequences when they go wrong. Since then little has fundamentally changed, but big banks are still lobbying hard to water down the few reforms made even as financial markets wobble and predictions of a new crisis abound. 

Move Your Money doesn’t just believe a better world is possible, we’re committed to helping make it a reality—by campaigning for a better banking system, and by mobilising individuals to help drive change in this critical industry. We believe a better banking system will be crucial in creating a more just and sustainable society, and we support the institutions that are making it happen. 

This workshop will help you reimagine what the financial system could look like, how it works, and in whose interests it operates. It will also help you to build the tools, knowledge and confidence to put your ideas into action, and to help build a better financial system from the ground up. 

To win our sponsored place, tell us what is the one change you’d like to see in the financial system, and how this workshop will help you go out and achieve that change. Email your responses to and we're let you know if the places is yours by April 5th.

Note: The sponsored place includes the training fee and all meals over the three days. Accommodation, from £20 a night, can be booked separately here.


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