Alternative Finance Workshops: Sponsorships!

by Brett Scott
Apr 25, 2016

Our financial and monetary system is dominated by powerful banks and large-scale investors, often behaving in unsustainable and socially unjust ways. We need to develop meaningful alternatives to these behemoths, and there are many bold and creative attempts to challenge this financial status quo. On the weekend of 13-15th May Brett Scott’s London School of Financial Arts and Stir To Action will lead a 'deep dive workshop' (click for more info) into these new forms of alternative finance.

To help out those who may need financial support to attend the workshop, Economy of Hours, MoveYourMoney, Brixton Pound and Finance Innovation Lab have kindly offered scholarships to fund places. To apply, see instructions below.

1) The MoveYourMoney Scholarship: MoveYourMoney has led the way in challenging the large banks that dominate the UK high street, working tirelessly for accountability and alternative banking systems. This place has already been allocated.

2) The Economy of Hours Scholarship: Echo is a leading example of a modern time-credit system, bypassing traditional monetary systems. They are sponsoring a place for anyone wishing to work on developing ideas to help them further streamline and popularise time- credit systems. To apply for this, email Brett Scott at brettscott [at] fastmail [dot] com with a few lines about yourself and a few lines about why you’d like to take part. Please title the email as 'Echo Scholarship'.

3) The Brixton Pound Scholarship: The Brixton Pound is a pioneering community currency system, having made many innovative contributions to updating complementary currency systems to the 21st century, from pay-by-text systems to lotteries and ATMs. They are sponsoring a place for anyone wishing to help them develop new ideas for pushing the currency even further. To apply for this, email Brett Scott—  brettscott [at] fastmail [dot] com—with a few lines about yourself and a few lines about why you’d like to take part. Please title the email as 'Brixton Pound Scholarship'. Priority will be given to candidates who are from Brixton, so please note if you are living in the area.

4) The Finance Innovation Lab deal: The Finance Lab has led the way in bringing together innovators to think systemically about building a financial system that serves people and planet. They are offering a special package-combo deal – buy a ticket to their Transforming Finance 2016 conference, and receive a ticket to the workshop too. For details, visit the Crowdfunder page, and look for the ‘TF2016 and Alternative Finance’ option Please note that these scholarships cover the cost of the workshop, but not travel and accommodation. StirToAction has secured low-cost accommodation options, and we will also attempt to arrange car-share systems for those seeking to get to the workshop from London


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