Crowdfunding? Get Free Coaching

by Jonny Gordon-Farleigh
Oct 17, 2018

We're official coaches for Crowdfunder, the UK's leading crowdfunding platform that has supported social enterprises, campaigns, and community initiatives to raise more than £50m.

How does it work?

If we like your project idea, we can offer 8 hours of free coaching to support your team to plan, create, and run your campaign.

Our coaching offer involves three 2-hour sessions for the planning and creating stages, and then a 30-minute weekly call while you're running your campaign.

We can offer free coaching as we receive 50% of Crowdfunder's 5% platform fee.

Projects we've supported?

Broken Spoke Co-op – £15,922

55 East: Enterprise Hub – £22,522

Nature's Nutrition Co-operative — £10, 298

Launching Apollo: One Giant Leap – currently crowdfunding


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