Platform 6 Fund

by Jonny Gordon-Farleigh
Nov 9, 2018

Stir to Action is a workers' co-operative and over the last five years we’ve worked with thousands of individuals and organisations through our quarterly magazine of new economic ideas, national workshop programmes, and community economic development projects. We’ve hosted a national conference, organised art exhibitions, launched technology accelerators, offered training grants, and even brewed craft beers, all to support the new economy. Over this time we’ve built an active community of new economy practitioners, trainers, policymakers, and local organisers.

We are a growing co-operative and we’re looking for a new team member to join our Bridport office!

We’re working with Platform 6 — a new co-operative development body — to offer 4 fully funded places on Stir to Action’s Worker Co-operatives: How to Get Started workshop in London on 12 December 2018!

Are you working in the gig economy? Campaigning for the rights of freelancers? Interested in how worker co-ops can transform existing workplaces and start new enterprises aimed at providing for peoples’ real needs?

Tell us more about how you see co-operatives as an alternative and your plans for using the model and a place could be yours!

Apply here*

*We’re offering fully funded places until they have all been allocated.

What is a worker co-operative?

A worker co-operative is a business owned and democratically controlled by its workers.


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