Platform 6 Fund

by Jonny Gordon-Farleigh
Nov 9, 2018

We’re working with Platform 6 — a new co-operative development body — to offer 4 fully funded places on Stir to Action’s Worker Co-operatives: How to Get Started workshop in London on 12 December 2018!

Are you working in the gig economy? Campaigning for the rights of freelancers? Interested in how worker co-ops can transform existing workplaces and start new enterprises aimed at providing for peoples’ real needs?

Tell us more about how you see co-operatives as an alternative and your plans for using the model and a place could be yours!

Apply here*

*We’re offering fully funded places until they have all been allocated.

What is a worker co-operative?

A worker co-operative is a business owned and democratically controlled by its workers.


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