Q&A illustrator series: Harry Sussams

by Megan Dunford
Nov 26, 2018

Harry Sussams is a UK-based illustrator, storyteller, and concept artist. We spoke to him about what inspires his work and his recent illustration for our Co-operating out of Crisis issue.

Megan Dunford: How did you get into illustration?

Harry Sussams: Art has always been important to me throughout my education, and Illustration felt like the natural pursuit for me because of my interest in image making and story telling. I’ve drawn inspiration from many places, and from many artists, writers, and creators. I think the power of stories and the effect they can have on us, is something I’ve always been interested in.

MD: How did you go about thinking up / creating this illustration for our Autumn 2018 edition?

HS: With some help from Max and Jonathan, the Illustration started with wanting to show the idea of community coming together after disaster. I thought that the idea of community living was a good example of this, and wanted to represent both past events and current problems, whilst showing the potential future that working together could achieve.

MD: Can you tell us about something you are working on at the moment?

HS: At the moment I’m working on a number of commissions, including a piece for Beneficial Shock Magazine, as well as art and animation for an independent video game developer. I’m also always working on developing my own graphic novel, and am enjoying taking part in Inktober (a drawing everyday in October) this year.

MD: What’s the best advice you have ever been given within the context of your work?

HS: To this day, the best piece of advice that I’ve been given, which greatly improved my drawing skills, was from my art foundation tutor. He simply taught me to look at my subject more than my drawing. To observe more, and to focus less on the paper in front of me. It sounds obvious, but it’s been surprisingly useful.


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