Support the Stansted 15

on behalf of Platform London
Dec 19, 2018
One of the activists pictured with her mother

The following is a statement prepared by Platform London in support of the Stansted 15.

Platform stands with the #stansted15, human rights defenders who peacefully and non-violently prevented a mass deportation flight at Stansted Airport in 2017. Their action enabled at least 11 asylum seekers to be given the right to stay permanently in the UK and highlighted injustices in the immigration and asylum system. Initially the Stansted 15 were arrested for 'aggravated trespass', a charge which 4 months later was dramatically changed. This week, after a gruelling trial, the 15 were found guilty of 'endangering safety at aerodromes' under serious terror-related charges. Please protest against this outrageous verdict that suggests a link between non-violent protest and terrorism.

Sign petition to reverse the verdict here. Donate to the defendants' costs here.


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