Robert Raymond is Co-producer of the Upstream podcast. He is also a musician, audio engineer, and writer exploring the intersections of sound design, storytelling, and eco-socialist principles.

Ludovica Rogers is active in the international networks that were generated by the wave of protests and occupations of 2011. She also is participating in DebtResistUK.

Robert Raymond is

Ivor Gormley founded GoodGym in 2009. He supports the co­ordinators and is working on expanding and sustaining the project as a whole. @ivoivo

Adam Parsons is the editor at Share The World’s Resources (STWR), a London­based civil society organisation campaigning for a fairer sharing of wealth, power and resources within and between nations.

Jacob Stringer is a habitual writer interested in political change. He learned the strange art of journalism in Colombia, looks at trees for a living, and blogs at

Jack Paris is settled in rural Galiza with his partner on a small homestead farm, he is an advocate of the burgeoning eco­socialist movement and organises for a sustainable and just rural renaissance.

Polly Higgins is a barrister, author and international environmental lawyer advocating a different approach to preventing the destruction of our planet.

Dan Hurring was the organiser of the Sunrise Celebration Festivals. offgrid­

Liam Barrington­ Bush is a UK­ based activist and author of Anarchists in the Boardroom: How social media and social movements can help your organisation to be more like people. @hackofalltrades

Helene Finidori focuses on systemic perspectives and tools for transformative action. Co­founder and coordinator of the Commons Abundance Network.

Emily Apple is a co­founder of Counselling for Social Change in Cornwall.

Liz Crisp is Co­founder of The Cave Co­operative and studied at Kingston and North London Universities.

Vera Hale is Co­founder of The Cave Co­operative and studied at the University of North London and the Technical University of Delft.

The Cave Co-­operative is based in Kingston, Surrey.

Susannah Hall is a member of Permablitz London. If you’d like to set up a permablitz network in your area, contact us: or email us at

Bill Nicol is Project Director of The Hometown Foundation and Owenstown.

James Doran is a writer and activist living in Darlington. He wrote for working towards economic democracy to the recent collection People Over Capital: The Co­operative Alternative to Capitalism.

Mark Walton is the co­founder and Executive Director of Shared Assets, and a 2012 Clore Social Fellow.

Luigi Russi is a PhD student in the Department of International Politics at City University London, and an occasional commentator on various left­wing media.

Daniel Kramb’s climate change­themed novel is called From Here. His debut novel, Dark Times, is set at the end of 2008, the height of the financial crisis.

Brett Scott explores economic systems, experiments with new forms of financial activism. He blogs at and tweets as @Suitpossum and blogs at

Sophie Pritchard is a co­founder of The Edge Fund,

Les Moore is a practitioner and leading expert in the field of community engagement who designs and implements social enterprise models. www. @commonresource.

Michael Linton has been active in design, development and implementation of community currencies for more than 30 years since opening the original LETSystem in the Comox Valley, Canada in 1982.

Mira Luna is the Organising Director and a writer for Shareable,, covering grassroots economics.

Marianne Maeckelbergh is Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University, Netherlands and is the author of The Will of the Many.

Tara Mulqueen is a doctoral candidate in Critical Legal Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her work focuses on the history of co­operativism in the UK.

Fran Boait joined Positive Money in October 2012 as the Campaign Manager. 

Mark Burton is a co­founder of the Bristol Pound and a researcher at the University of Bristol. He is using his research to instigate practical change towards a sustainable and just financial system.

Raj Patel is an award­winning writer, activist and academic. His latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times best­seller.

Lee Hall is a playwright and screenwriter. He most famously wrote Billy Elliot and the stage play The Pitmen Painters. He is currently working on a film adaption of George Orwell’s Down.

Eli Smith is a banjo player, writer, researcher and promoter of folk music living in New York City. 

John Gurney is author of Gerrard Winstanley: the Digger’s Life and Legacy (to be published by Pluto Press in November) and Brave Community: the Digger Movement in the English Revolution

Derek Wall is former Principal Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales. He is a founder member of Green Left and the Ecosocialist International.

Dave Boyle is a writer and consultant. He has worked at English Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct from 2000­ to 2011. He blogs at @theboyler

James John Bell and J Cookson founded Smartmeme Studios in Washington, USA. They provide communications strategy, design, and marketing services to organizations all over North America.

Chuck Morse is a translator, editor, and writer. He translated Juan Suriano’s Paradoxes of Utopia: Anarchist Culture and Politics in Buenos Aires and Abel Paz’s Durruti in the Spanish Revolution.

Sujatha Fernandes is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Queens College. She is the author of  Who Can Stop the Drums? Urban Social Movements in Chávez’s Venezuela; and Close to the Edge.

Florence Scialom is a Masters student at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is living in Totnes for three months as part of her research into local economies and economic growth.

Sam Halvorsen has been involved in various social movements over the last decade, most recently Occupy London, and is also doing a PhD at UCL on the geographies of autonomous politics.

Lynn Tolman is originally from the Sussex coast, and is now a social entrepreneur based in Anfield, North Liverpool.

Ben Mann is a freelance cameraman and filmmaker. He previously worked in international development in Guatemala and Vietnam, before directing Best Before: the London food revolution.

George Monbiot is an environmental activist and author. His latest book is Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding. He blogs at @GeorgeMonbiot

David Bollier is an independent commons scholar who works with the Commons Strategy Group and blogs at He is the author of ten books, most recently co­editing The Wealth of the Commons.

Dougald Hine is a British writer and social thinker responsible for a series of organisations that include School of Everything, the civic ideas agency Spacemakers, and the Dark Mountain Project.

Mark Watson is chairman of Sustainable Bungay, a transition initiative in Suffolk.  @markinflowers

Roger Highfield is co­author of Supercooperators: Beyond Survival of the Fittest. He is the Director of External Affairs at the Science Museum Group.

Fergus Walker grew up in the Isle of Skye. He studied traditional wooden boat building at Fosen Folk High School, Norway, then on to study Product Design at Dundee University.

Terrence Howard is secretary to SCAM, Chairman of Sheffield Ramblers and President of South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire Ramblers.

Marina Sitrin is a writer, lawyer, teacher, organizer, militant and dreamer. She is author of Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism & Autonomy in Argentina (2012)

Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce are the recipients of the duPont­Columbia University Award for excellence in broadcast journalism for their first film, The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt (HBO/Cinemax)

Nicholas Shaxson is a British writer, journalist and investigator. He is author of Treasure Islands, and part­time writer and researcher for the Tax Justice Network,

Feeding the 5000 was launched by Waste author Tristram Stuart. Martin Bowman is the gleaning coordinator and Niki Charalampopoulou is Policy and Campaigns Manager.

Leah Borromeo has more than a decade’s experience in television news. She is currently directing and presenting a series of short films on arts activism for Channel 4’s Random Acts.

Jay Tompt is a coordinator of the REconomy Project Totnes; he is also founder and business manager of the Transition Free Press, and founder and managing director of William Verde & Associates.

David Boyle is the author of a range of books about social change, politics and the future including Money Matters: Putting the Eco Back Into Economics and Funny Money: In Search of Alternative Cash.

Rob Hopkins is co­founder of the Transition Network and Transition Totnes.

scott crow is a community organizer, writer, strategist and speaker who advocates the philosophy and practices of anarchism for social, environmental, and economic aims.

Charlotte Du Cann is a writer and community activist, working with the Transition Network and the Dark Mountain Project.

Simon Critchley is Hans Jonas Professor at the New School for Social Research. His many books include Infinitely Demanding, and most recently, The Faith of Faithless published by Verso.

Katherine Darling works for the Plunkett Foundation which helps rural communities through community ­ownership and advice.

Nik Gorecki is a co­manager at the long­standing radical booksellers Housmans Bookshop in King’s Cross, London.

Brian Van Slyke is a member of the worker-­owned cooperative The Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA), which designs participatory educational resources for social and economic change. 

Jason Cridland is the Joint Coordinating Editor of Dorset Eye, a citizen­-led media hub in Dorset. He is also a part time lecturer in a further education college.

John Stewart has campaigned on environmental issues for more than 30 years. Most recently he chaired the coalition which defeated plans for a 3rd runway at Heathrow.

Essential Trading Co-­operative is a worker­owned organic food wholesaler based in Bristol. It supports strikers with food and pallets for fire wood, and also sponsors the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls.

McKenzie Wark is the author of A Hacker Manifesto, Gamer Theory and most recently The Beach Beneath the Street. He teaches at the New School for Social Research in New York City.

John Gledhill is the Max Gluckman Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester.

Dan Hind left publishign to develop a programme of media reform centred around public commissioning. He is the author of two books –The Threat to Reason and The Return of the Public.

Matthew Steele works part­time as the Mid­Atlantic Regional Director for the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, incubating food coop start­ups at universities and consulting with existing coops.

Alberto Toscano teaches sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is the author of Fanaticism: A History of an Idea, and an editor of the journal Historical Materialism.

George McKay is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Salford, UK. His latest book, Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism & Rebellion in the Garden, published May by France Lincoln.

David Graeber teaches anthropology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. 

Debbie Clarke has worked at Unicorn for nearly 8 years, after originally having planned to stay 6 months. She lives in Manchester and is involved in several community food projects locally.

Rashmi Rangnath is a Staff Attorney and the Director of the Global Knowledge Initiative at Public Knowledge. Her current focus is on copyright and patent law issues.

Ben Price is Project Director for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) based in Pennsylvania, U.S. A. 

Dan Glass is an activist/writer/mischief maker and a critical­ campaigning trainer. Recent winner of UK youth climate leader and new role model for bridging LGBTQ and environmental justice movements.

Mat Callahan is a musician and author from San Francisco, now residing in Bern, Switzerland. He can be contacted at: or

Dr Mark Everard’s new book Common Ground: The Sharing of Land and Landscapes for Sustainability is published by Zed Books, London.

Michael Newman trained as a science teacher to deliver the then newly created national curriculum and he has also worked at A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School for over 11 years as teacher.

Nina Power is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Roehampton University. Her book One Dimensional Woman is published by O­Books and she blogs at Infinite Thought.

Wu Ming 1 is a member of the Wu Ming Foundation, grew up in the lands between Ferrara and the Adriatic Sea which are depicted in his story, and blogs at

Gabriel Kuhn is a writer and translator currently living in Stockholm. He publishes on a variety of subjects, including anarchism, subculture, and sports.

Stephen Duncombe is Associate Professor at the Gallatin School and teaches the history and politics of media at NYU. He is author of Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy.

Maxwell Tremblay writes for Maximumrocknroll, plays drums in the band SLEEPiES, and is a doctoral student in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research.

Roger Peet is an artist and printmaker. His work focuses on the contemporary crisis of biodiversity and what can and can’t be done about it. He is a member of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative.

Guppi Bola is fired up by the environmental and health impacts of the food industry, but has enjoyed exploring food based campaign tactics after helping run the Create Justice Through Food programme.

Bethan Graham started thinking more consciously about food after Kingsnorth Climate Camp of 2008. She has since been involved in community kitchen and food projects in Leeds and Swansea.

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative make work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. We believe in the power of personal expression in concert with collective action.

Transition Heathrow aims to show the environmental damage and misery airport expansion at Heathrow will bring to local residents and businesses. Grow Heathrow welcomes visitors & volunteers.

Planting Justice is dedicated to food justice, economic justice, and sustainable local food systems. They combine ecological training, urban food production and grassroots door-to-door organizing.

Envision Spokane aim to build an economically and environmentally sustainable community through democratic self-governance. Visit The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

Brandon Jourdan is a filmmaker, journalist, and writer. His film, the July War, is based on the 2006 war in Lebanon. He is currently working on a film about reactions to the financial crisis.

Artists and Photographers

Clifford Harper is an illustrator famous for his work in support of workers struggles, human rights, and the trade union movement.

Constance Laisne’s work focuses on collaborative practice in Art & Design. She is a visiting lecturer at Manchester and Winchester Schools of Art.

Liam Barrett lives in Cardiff and is always happy to hear about projects, commissions, exhibitions and collaborations. @BarrettLiam

Tabitha Panter is an illustrator working primarily in colour pencils. She gets inspired by vintage picture books and is always up for a good commission.

Vivien Martineau is a Bristol-based illustrator. Her work frequently concentrates on plants, biology and the many issues surrounding the natural environment.

Mish Scott is an illustrator based in South West England. His primary focus is print and artists books. He graduated from UWE in 2014 with first class honours.

Laurence Ware is an illustrator, graphic designer and co-op enthusiast currently working as art director for The Bristol Cable, a citizen journalism project.

Bethan Mure is a freelance illustrator, comic maker and worker within a café co-operative based in Bristol where she lives.

Alex Bertram-Powell is an illustrator utilising deft pencil work and bold digital colouring to render distinctive character-focused images.

Hugh Dunford Wood is an artist designer classically trained at the Ruskin School of Fine Art. His work includes painting, engraving, linocuts and hand printing.

Sophie Mason is an artist and community gardener in London. Her work tries to foster connections of care between the self, the natural world and each other.

Matt C Stokes is a crayon-wielding, three-legged-cat-owning, marathon-running, chocolate-eating, sci-fi-reading, Brighton-based designer & illustrator.

Frank Estrada was raised in Memphis till the age of 17. He holds a BFA from the University of Mississippi with an emphasis in Printmaking and a BA in Sociology.

Pete Osmond studied fine art printmaking a long time ago. After many years arsing around in punk rock bands he now finds himself running a farm in Dorset.

Summer McClinton lives in Harlem and is usually either painting skateboards, drawing comic books, developing toys, sleeping or playing with her baby Oscar.

Stanley Donwood veers from propagandist graphics to introspective illustrations, combining deep personal and political emotions with modesty and humour.

Graeme McGregor is a part-time illustrator and full-time human rights campaigner. He works as Refugee Campaigner for Amnesty International Australia.

Daksheeta Pattni is a London-based illustrator with an eye for detail, working in pen and ink. Her work involves detailed and intricate line and dot work.

Clare Corfield Carr has developed a decorative line work and graphical style. She has also been awarded Highly Commended in the Winston Churchill Competition.

Germán Gullón is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Madrid. His interests include divergent thinking, cartography and the fringes of capitalism.

John G Balenciaga likes to draw. Sometimes he’s a colour junkie — and a colour dealer too! — he’s long realised that he’s happier being a poor illustrator.

Kieran McCann works in London as the design lead for the HIV information charity NAM. 

Luke Carter is a Bristolian illustrator and printmaker, working primarily in linocut to address political, historical and social themes.

Sam Parr is an artist and illustrator living in Yorkshire. She has also been published in Amelia’s Magazine.

Edd Baldry is an award winning, radical illustrator based in London and Paris. He make images and comics under the monicker Hey Monkey Riot.

Ben Parsons is inspired by creating a powerful emotion through portraiture. The carving, subtleties and discipline of hand burnishing each work appeal to him.

Matthew Carey Simos is an illustrator/printmaker based in Edinburgh. He is a proud member of Edinburgh Printmakers and a merchant of Scottish Confectionery.

Sarah-Jayne Morris lives and works in the fine city of Norwich. Her life is a bit like the Bourne Identity but with more hot beverages.

Kathryn Corlett is an Illustrator and designer based in London. Her drawings feature strange creatures, bright colours and unique characters. @kathryncorlett

Gemma Cotterell is a Reigate-based Illustrator. She draws on paper, colours with Posca, loves bright colours, black outlines and detailed patterns. @Deighters

David Kerr is an Illustrator currently based in Glasgow.

Matthew Frame is an illustrator based in London with a keen interest in politics and activism.

Alex Charnley is a political artist and contributor to the Occupied Times of London.

Jade They is a freelance illustrator living and working in London.

William Exley is an illustrator/print maker, currently living in London.

Lindsay Draws is a founding member of the Caged Bird Club Collective. She lives in East London.

Sam Parr is an artist and illustrator living in Yorkshire.

Dan Piraro is an award-winning cartoonist. For his animal rights-themed cartoon, he won the Humane Society’s Genesis Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of 2002.