Unlocking the Next Economy

Unlocking the Next Economy is about creating access to the resources and assets of ‘historical organisations with social purpose’ to support local economic resilience. It uses the most effective tools and models from decades of community economic development to assist communities in becoming more sustainable, resilient and fair.

Stir To Action will be working with new economic organisations and communities to identify local needs, provide workshop training, legal support, and social finance assistance to launch new community-led initiatives across the UK.
It’s become increasingly clear to us, especially in the past few years, that physical assets are a crucial element of any community led approach to economic development. We have seen repeatedly that both the use of community owned space, as well as the material value of community owned assets, is often what makes the difference between a short one-off and ultimately not very impactful project, and a long term systemic change in a local economy.
—Rachel Laurence, New Economics Foundation
If you'd be interested in getting involved in the project as a partner, community or development trainer, contact us at: