How can we bring people together across differences to actively engage with challenges facing our communities? What are the real issues that concern people? How can we ask questions creatively to activate meaningful responses and dialogue? What skills, resources and capacities do people already have that can be built upon?

The Art of Invitation explores creative ways of engaging communities in the ecological, cultural, and social challenges of our time. The workshop offers new creative tools for change that can resource you and your projects, groups, communities, and organisations.

Day One

  • Explore what effective engagement looks and feels like in practice
  • Experience tools and approaches for creative engagement
  • Look at principles to support practice, including case studies
  • Explore your role in engaging people and bringing about change 

Day Two

  • Working in small groups, experiment with and explore your own approach to creative engagement
  • Put learning into practice through collaboratively designing and delivering a creative approach to engagement

Art of Invitation: Creative Approaches to Community Engagement

  • Approaches to engaging people in creative, collective responses to systemic challenges facing their communities.
  • Creative processes and activities that can activate and inspire people to participate in bringing about change.
  • A participatory approach to facilitation, involving doing, making and reflecting
  • Creative approaches to bring groups of people together and maintain their involvement.
  • Ways to bring people together who are diverse in age, experience and background
  • Ways to activate ourselves and others through creative engagement 
  • Ways to reach out to new groups and invite people to join in
  • Fresh insights to resource you, your current projects or launch new ones.

Anyone looking for new creative ways to activate and engage diverse groups of people in responding to social, cultural and ecological challenges. People from a range of backgrounds will benefit - from social enterprises, community groups and co-operatives, to grassroots activists, artists and campaigners, as well as researchers, teachers, facilitators, academics, and management consultants.

Jenny Gellatly is a project manager, cultural producer, and facilitator with over 15 years’ experience working in the community, environmental and arts sectors. She specialises in designing, delivering and managing participatory projects and programs that facilitate dialogue, exchange and action around the ecological, cultural and social challenges of our time. For the past three years, she has been collaborating with Encounters, a group of artists, producers and facilitators. Their work specialises in bringing people together across difference in imaginative and transformative ways, placing people at the heart of the process, creating opportunities for creative expression of lived experiences and future visions. Through creative consultation, workshops, public interventions, co-authored exhibitions, and uniquely tailored events, the invitation is to re-look at how we are in the world at this time and together to explore new interconnected stories to live by, on an individual, local and global scale.

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