Employee ownership has been around for many years with names like John Lewis and Scott Bader bringing to life their version of shared capitalism or a ‘third way’. 

The sector has seen real growth in recent years driven by a resurgence of values-led entrepreneurs. It received a boost with the introduction of the 2014 finance act. This removed the disincentive for owners to sell their businesses into the ‘trust’ of their employees. Recent converts have included Riverford Organics, Aardman Animation, and Richer Sounds.

The key data indicates employee owned businesses enjoy greater success, higher employee satisfaction and retention, greater productivity and resilience, and improved customer loyalty.   

It is understandable that an owner would want real clarity about how employee ownership might fit with their vision for their business and indeed whether it is the right step. This course will give you the information you need to plan your next steps.

The price of the residential is £2,000.

Employee Ownership Accelerator

  • Why employee ownership?
  • Exploration of ownership models and how you can determine what would work for you and your business.
  • The legal, financial and tax implications of becoming employee owned.
  • Preparing and transitioning your organisation into employee ownership - key stages, milestones, tools and resources to equip leadership and to engage, inform and inspire individuals across your organisation.
  • Governance - who runs the business?
  • Resources needed and decisions to be made.
  • The benefits and the challenges and pitfalls -  Case studies - with input from owners that have taken their business into employee ownership.
  • Feeling better prepared to make a decision about moving into employee ownership.
  • Greater clarity around the options and models that are right for you and your business.
  • Knowing the next steps  and resources you will need, to enable a successful transition into employee ownership.
  • An understanding of tools and resources to equip leadership and to engage, inform and inspire individuals across your organisation
  • An insight into how employee ownership can be used to underpin successful engagement and drive sustainable, ethical, organisational performance
  • Owners who are actively exploring the employee ownership option for their business.
  • Those who lead values driven organisations and desire the legacy of a sustainable business for the benefit of employees and the community.

J Gadd Associates is an experienced and well-respected consultancy who successfully support owners and their organisations realise their vision to transition into employee ownership. Their support covers all aspects of planning, engaging and enabling all the stakeholders to bring to life the new structure. Based on many years working within the sector and having supported over 40 businesses to develop a version of employee ownership that fits with their values and culture. J Gadd Associates approach is underpinned by accredited academic research and wide ranging experience.

Here are just a few of the organisations they have supported so far: Riverford Organics / Aardman Animations / The Rooflight Company / Community Dental Services / The Land Use Consultancy / Tapestry Compliance / LDA Design.

Ben Watson leads the Tax & Incentives practice at law firm TLT and advises on all types of share schemes and employee equity arrangements. He has designed and delivered incentives for start-ups, unlisted and fully listed clients (including FTSE100 clients). He is a specialist in employee ownership and has acted on a number of employee ownership transactions, including the sale of Aardman Animations. He helped establish the regional network meetings of the Employee Ownership Association.

Simon Crichton is acting head of business banking at Triodos Bank. He joined the organisation in 2009, and has experience of working with a wide range of sustainable businesses – across agriculture, green building and development, green tourism and sustainable commerce. In 2018, he worked with Guy Singh-Watson to provide financial support for Riverford Organic Farmers to transfer ownership of the company to its employees.

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