If you are trying to organise in a decentralised, collaborative, less-hierarchical team, you are probably asking yourself: How do we include people in decisions without spending so much time in meetings? How do we encourage participation, engagement, and shared responsibility? And if nobody is in charge, where does accountability come from? 

You are not the only one. For the last decade, Nati and Rich from The Hum have been immersed in these challenges, as they co-founded and built Loomio and Enspiral, two pioneering decentralised organisations. In this mixed online and residential training they’ll share with you what they have learned along the way.


Your booking includes training, accommodation, and food from lunchtime on 29 May to lunchtime on 31 May.


Arriving for 12pm on Friday 29 May and departing at 3pm on Sunday 31 May.

Patterns for Decentralised Organising

  • A training experience that covers all the Patterns for Decentralised Organising, the key components that support a thriving collaborative team. Like decision-making, power dynamics, conflict, digital tools, communication skills, accountability, and team culture.
  • A mix of online and in person content delivery. We will send you some video content before we meet to cover the basics. We will cover the more challenging topics in person, while also having plenty of space for in-depth conversations and group practices.
  • An immersive learning space, set aside from your day-to-day routine, for you to focus on your personal and organisational development. 
  • A balance of theory and practice, with engaging exercises and real-world examples from our lived experience.
  • An opportunity to get into the real work of addressing organisational challenges, and co-designing experiments you can apply immediately.
  • A toolkit of methodologies and practices to take back into your working context.
  • Knowledge from research and case studies of other organisations experimenting with radical forms of management and work culture.
  • Renewed inspiration and new capacity to build organisations full of inspired, engaged people ready to lead.
  • Deep new connections with brilliant inspiring people aligned in work and purpose.

For people who are already working in decentralised organisations, or just starting their journey into self-management. You might be a founder, coordinator, community builder, facilitator, social entrepreneur or organisational designer.

This training is designed for individuals, but it will be even more valuable if you can bring multiple team members to participate together.

The Hum is Nati Lombardo and Rich Bartlett. We have been immersed in decentralised organisations since 2011, playing co-leadership roles in the Loomio tech co-op and the Enspiral network of social enterprises. For the past 3 years, we’ve been travelling the world sharing our experiences, and learning with others about self-managing organisations. We’ve worked in 17 countries, with a huge diversity of organisations across all sectors.

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