Community Business in Black & Minoritised Communities

Last year (2020) shed light on the gap and lack of engagement of black and minoritised communities in the community business sector.

Despite this, best practice has emerged and this course will introduce you to the ways in which Black and Minoritised communities have been developing and growing in the community business sector. We’ll explore the the work in the food sector (Black Rootz), community hubs (Wolves Lane), and educational initiatives (Leading Routes)

We’ll explore the role of Ubele as a catalyst for these new developments in the community business sector, and their strategic partnership with Power to Change.

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  • Case studies of best practice
  • Space for reflections on ways in which you can support the development of black and minoritised communities in the community business sector
  • Opportunities to build an action plan
  • Developing understanding of the ways in which black and minoritised communities face barriers
  • Approaches for overcoming these challenges
  • Ideas for how your organisation can support through a commitment to action
  • Black and minoritised groups and charities who would like to find out about the benefits of community business
  • Community Business advisors and supporters who would like to improve their practice in supporting black and minoritised groups
  • Community hubs who work with and support a diversity of businesses and charities within their space

Yvonne Field is the Founder and CEO of The Ubele Initiative. Yvonne has more than 35 years of professional experience working with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders ranging from professional front line staff through to senior management, policy makers and planners in local, national and international government, civil society organisations and the corporate sector.

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