Climate Emergency: Action Plans for Uncertainty and Urgency

The climate emergency is a challenge that is requiring transformative change from all of us, with many of its threats and opportunities still clouded in myriad possible futures. How can councils, organisations, and communities develop purposeful and ambitious action plans in the face of systemic uncertainty and often overwhelming urgency?

67% of UK Councils now have their own Action Plan, from fully formed commitments to tentative ‘pre-plans.’ Many businesses, communities, and institutions have also started to map out their journeys to carbon neutrality. If we are to meet these targets, we have to find ways to learn from what is working and what is not in real time.

This workshop will explore, using a real-world example, how to hold the innate complexities and contradictions in an action plan that is inclusive of everyone it represents, but also built to enshrine deep and collaborative action.

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  • An open and honest case study of Cornwall’s approach to the development of its second Carbon Neutral Action Plan
  • An invitation to explore the different elements required for an effective action plan, and the potential contradictions within them
  • An exploration of what the outcomes and outputs of a successful action plan should be, and how to recognise when a plan is unlikely to meet them
  • Tools and frames to hold open and constructive discussions across different parts of the system involved in creating and delivering an action plan
  • Examples of approaches that are creating new ways of responding to the climate emergency, as well as patterns that are stuck in traditional power models
  • Ideas for understanding and improving action plans, from inside and outside a local authority
  • Local authority staff or members who are working on the delivery or development of carbon neutral action plans
  • Community group or local organisation members who want to work with their local authority to inform and deliver action plans
  • Businesses and individuals with a desire to make commitments to their own or an area’s action plans
  • Attendees of Peter’s previous workshop ‘Climate Emergency: Shaping a Meaningful Local Response’ (not essential)

Peter Lefort is the Sector and Partnerships Lead for Cornwall Council’s Carbon Neutral Cornwall programme, working towards carbon neutrality across Cornwall by 2030. He has worked in climate change for over a decade, as a campaigner, facilitator, and network manager, and specialises in the resilience of individuals, organisations, and systems. He is also the Co-Chair of the international Transition Network.

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