Alternative Futurisms

In light of increasing social inequality, climate chaos, and mainstream attention on issues such as Black and Trans liberation, it’s never been more important to formulate new design approaches. But how do we design new things - products, services, ways of working - that are inclusive and address deeply embedded inequalities?

From Chartist literature to the Afrofuturist genre, the Arts and Crafts movement to Universal design, by looking at connections between radical traditions and creative fields, this workshop will explore bringing together an intersectional and historically informed understanding of human value to generate frameworks that practically impact our ways of working.

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  • Discussions on links between radical political organising, speculative literature, and design
  • Examples of design approaches arising from marginalised and radical communal traditions
  • Guidance on how to research, facilitate, and generate frameworks for inclusive design
  • Introductory knowledge about radical social movements and their connections with creative fields
  • A broad understanding of methods for communal and community centred design
  • Methods for creating inclusive design frameworks
  • People interested in speculative design and how it can be related to social justice
  • Those curious about ways of designing communal solutions for complex systems
  • Anyone who wants to be an advocate for marginalised voices when designing new systems

Florence Okoye is a user experience and service designer, interested in community centred and participatory design practice as an approach for creating sustainable solutions within complex systems. She primarily works on designing digital products and has experience in a range of sectors, from utilities to museums. Since 2015, she has been part of AfroFutures_UK, an interdisciplinary collective that explores the intersection of race and critical perspectives on technology.

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