Creating Engaging Online Courses

Is your organisation asking you to deliver workshops you used to provide in person online? Are you struggling to maintain participants’ focus and interest, or hoping to take a good workshop to a new level of interactivity or effectiveness?

This webinar provides an overview of some of the learnable, concrete skills, and strategies that can make the transition to virtual learning not only less painful but thoughtful, strategic, student/participant-oriented and even enjoyable. Join to learn how to deliver and facilitate better online learning experiences and develop a vital and increasingly important professional skill.

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  • You’ll learn how to help participants use the technology in the least distracting way
  • You’ll learn how to tailor your workshops’ learning objectives to focus the outcomes you want them to have on participants' way of thinking and acting
  • You’ll learn how to keep participant’s focus by reducing their cognitive load
  • You’ll learn how to create engaging, effective exercises
  • You’ll learn how to support participants outside of time spent online together through resources and asynchronous learning
  • Onboarding tips
  • An understanding of learning objectives
  • Knowing how to reduce participants’ cognitive load
  • Ideas for interactivity exercises
  • Ideas for how to “flip the classroom” and create workshops that are supported by asynchronous learning
  • Trainers and organisations who are redesigning their courses online
  • Activists who regularly run workshops
  • Academics who want to change the way online learning happens for their students

Sarah Stein Lubrano is currently the Head of Content at The School of Life in London. She began work at The School of Life helping create some of the earliest YouTube videos for its now-thriving channel, which boasts over five million viewers. She has done research, writing, and design for everything from films to apps to interactive workshops. She has been a course designer for 5 years, and has been working primarily on virtual workshops for the last 18 months.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History from Cambridge University. She is currently reading for a DPhil in Political Theory at Oxford University, studying the relationship between emotion and politics in democracies. Prior to joining The School of Life, she made films, and worked as a prison tutor, student welfare officer, and obituary writer.

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