Everyday Participation: The Seven Modes

How good is your organisation at getting people to participate? What could you achieve if you had larger and more active support? And why do so many democratic businesses and organisations struggle to do participation well?

This practical workshop will introduce the “Seven Modes of Everyday Participation”: a simple tool to help you find new ways for people to get closer and contribute to your work and mission in small but meaningful ways, outside of traditional channels of governance and decision-making. You can expect to take away ideas for new participation opportunities for your organisation or project.

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  • Introduction to the concept of “everyday participation”
  • Inspiring examples from a wide range of organisations
  • Hands-on, small-group discussion exercises for shared learning and ideation
  • An opportunity to develop a prototype participation idea
  • Contemporary trends in participation and active citizenship
  • How and why mission-led organisations sometimes get participation wrong
  • The Seven Modes of Everyday Participation: a practical toolkit
  • An enriched view of what participation can look like for your organisation
  • A practical toolkit for developing new participation ideas
  • A prototype of an new participatory opportunity to trial

Suitable for people who are new to thinking about participation and need new tools, or for experienced participation practitioners who would like to share best practices. Please note that the focus is on creating more diverse participation opportunities outside of traditional governance and decision-making. Previous attendees include co-ops, social enterprises, community businesses, and social and community projects and initiatives.

Oliver Holtaway is a senior strategist at New Citizenship Project, a think tank and consultancy committed to building a more participatory society and economy. Oliver is also involved in the community ownership movement through his involvement with Bath City FC.

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