Making Land Work for your Community

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All across the country communities are managing land in ways that create livelihoods, produce resources and deliver a wide range of community benefits, from environmental improvements to improved health and wellbeing. These include successful market gardens, woodland social enterprises and even parks and public open spaces.

In a time when COVID 19 has exposed the fragility of our existing systems - and in the face of climate change and the need for a transition to a zero carbon economy – sustainable, productive local land use offers models for communities to increase their resilience and resourcefulness.

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  • How can land make your community more sustainable?
  • Examples of community businesses managing farms, parks and woodlands
  • What you need to consider: legal structures, governance, land access, tenure, community and stakeholder engagement
  • How to secure funding, create livelihoods and generate income
  • Understanding of the ways that land can generate resources for your community
  • A sense of what is possible in terms of community  land management
  • A clear idea of the basics that you need to think about when 
  • Signposting to sources of information and support
  • Those with an interest in how land can be managed to create community benefits including resources, livelihoods and improved environmental quality.
  • Those who have an idea for a land based project and are wondering how to take it forward.
  • Those who have an existing land based project that are looking to grow or develop further.

Mark is the founder and Director of Shared Assets, a community interest company with a mission to make land work for everyone.  He has over 20 years experience of working with communities on environmental issues and is an experienced trainer and facilitator. He has acted as an advisor to Defra, DCLG, and the Canal and River Trust, on issues such as working with civil society, asset transfer, and community engagement.

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