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Are you a movement builder, or aspire to be one? Do you recognise the impact you can have when you think big about change? Have you faced challenges of getting hundreds or thousands of individuals and organisations to create, speak and act together? Do you want to add greater value to your movement?

This movement building workshop centres on The Social Change Agency’s Movement Building Canvas. The Canvas is a practical framework to help you, your team or interested stakeholders to design and improve your movement for maximum impact.

The Canvas is designed to help you to get to grips with the essentials of your movement. Who is a part of it, and who could be brought in? What do you stand for? Where are you taking the people who sign up? And what do you need to get going and keep moving?

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  • What is your movement’s impact?
  • Who’s in your movement already and who should be in the future?
  • What is your movement Identity? What is the shared purpose, shared experience and values that your movement members identify with?
  • What is your movement journey? What are the opportunities for purposeful engagement for movement members to deepen their connection with each other and the cause
  • What are the opportunities for movement members to mobilise and take tangible action? How will you motivate movement members?
  • What are your movement enablers? What are the structures that must be put in place to provide the right balance of control, leadership, power and support? How will your movement be sustained? How will you use data and insight to design personal and meaningful movement journeys?
  • ‍A completed Movement Building Canvas to take away to inform your planning, resourcing and implementation. 
  • A better understanding of movement building and the essentials of your movement
  • Community organisers
  • Campaigners
  • Individuals seeking to support movements

Esther Foreman is the CEO of The Social Change Agency and has spent over 15 years working in the not for profit, social enterprise and business sectors, running award winning campaigns, supporting enterprise and building teams. She founded the Social Change Agency in 2013 with a desire to combine organising, technology, comms and social enterprise to create a leading non sector-specific agency to improve movement building across the world. Esther is a 2011 Clore Social Fellow, 2012 Winston Churchill Fellow and 2013 SSE Fellow and was recently placed in the top Women in Social Enterprise. She is a Trustee of the National MS Society and the House of St Barnabas.

Betsy Dillner is the principal director of The Social Change Agency and has over 10 years of campaigning, fundraising and social change experience. She specialises in developing community leadership and understanding, developing, and ultimately challenging systems of power for social change. She has directed successful user-led campaigns from small charities across the Atlantic that have resulted in bans on letting fees for tenants, the preservation of affordable housing and remuneration for victims of the foreclosure crisis. She won 2017 Campaigner of the Year from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation and is a trustee of Generation Rent.

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