How to Thrive in a Self-managed Team

Self-managed environments can be very rewarding, and also challenging. In this workshop we will focus on the foundation of every collaborative team: Ourselves. How can I be a good collaborator? What are the important behaviours and skills that I can develop to thrive in a self-managed team?

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  • Short lectures
  • Participatory exercises in small break out rooms
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • An advance short written exercise for participants to share in our small group discussions
  • The main challenges an individual faces in a self-managed team
  • Importance of self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, and communication skills (listening, communicating clearly, giving and receiving feedback) 
  • The ideas of individual and collective growth mindset, and how we can develop our empathy through understanding the work styles and needs of others
  • A better understanding of the personal challenges we all face in a self-managed environment; your work style and that of others in your team; and how to foster a culture of continuous improvement
  • Tips for developing your self-awareness, growth mindset, and for giving and receiving feedback
  • Practices you can use and share with your team

Anyone interested or already working in a self-managed/horizontal/decentralised work environment.

Nati Lombardo & Rich Bartlett have been immersed in Decentralised Organisations for a decade, as they co-founded Loomio a co-operative social enterprise building tools for collective decision-making. They are also members of Enspiral a network of self-organising companies. And they support self-organising teams to thrive through training, coaching and consulting with TheHum.

Nati’s background is in community development through local action. She helps groups to cultivate a collaborative culture through values-driven behavioral change.

Rich is passionate about co-ownership, self-management, collaborative governance, and other ways of sneaking anarchism into respectable places.

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