Sociocracy & Better Decision Making

Despite some organisations or collectives having the best intentions to spread power and decision making among workers, we know that in reality it is incredibly complex to foster autonomy and get things done. The good news is that Sociocracy is a practical way to move quickly where it’s safe and understand when it isn’t. It’s made a difference to ‘nice’ organisations all over the world, and it’s worth a couple hours of your time if you’re interested in workers having more input on decisions. After all, they know best.

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  • An introduction to Sociocracy 
  • One or two rounds of proposals to get realistic experience of how to apply it
  • Practical guidance on how you can use it in your organisation or team
  • An understanding of what Sociocracy is
  • First hand experience of a Sociocratic proposal
  • A tool that you could use to facilitate genuine change in your organisation
  • People that like to get things done, rather than talk about it
  • Organisations who are committed to spreading power across the organisation

Kayleigh Walsh is a member of Outlandish, a worker co-op using technology to make the world a better place. She’s been using Sociocracy for over four years and can speak honestly about why it works, how to use it, and what to watch out for if you’re willing to give it a try.

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