Alternative Finance: Future of Money

by Edd Baldry
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Saturday 19th November 2016
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We often imagine finance as a realm of daunting skyscrapers, complex mathematical models and men with suits, but the foundations of the financial sector are much more intuitive and basic, rooted in cultural and political systems. 

In this workshop we will explore these foundations from the ground up. We will cover money, financial instruments and the financial institutions that create them, and map out the major problems created by the financial sector. This will allow us to then explore how to rewire the sector to achieve social and ecological justice. We will play with, and develop, creative ideas on alternative money, alternative financial instruments and alternative financial institutions. Can you build our own investment bank for social change? Come and join us!

– An understanding of the global financial system and its problem

– An overview of social and environmentally positive alternatives to mainstream finance      

– The chance to prototype your own alternative finance project

– The chance to meet others with a similar interest in building a sustainable and fair economy

Facilitated by

Brett Scott

Brett Scott is a journalist, campaigner and former derivatives broker. He is the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money (Pluto Press: 2013). He works on financial reform, alternative finance and economic activism with a wide variety of NGOs, artists and students, including groups like Action Aid, Global Justice Now!, OpenOil, and MoveYourMoney UK. He is also a Fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab, and helps facilitate a course on power and design at the University of the Arts London. He tweets as @suitpossum


Facilitated by

Brett Scott

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