Community Wealth Building

by Edd Baldry
Thursday 2nd November 2017
Co-operative College, Manchester, M60 0AS
£60-£40 (£30 Webinar)
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This workshop session, delivered by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES), will introduce Community Wealth Building. For CLES, historical and contemporary approaches to economic development, such as inward investment, have not always brought the benefits they should in economic, social and environmental terms. Community Wealth Building recognises that places do not necessarily need to attract new wealth to grow economically and socially – instead they need to harness existing wealth which comes through amongst other things: their anchor institutions; their procurement spend; their complementary currencies; their banking practices; and their community businesses. Harnessing this wealth more effectively will bring economic, social, and environmental benefits for their communities.

The Workshop

—   We’ll define what is meant by Community Wealth Building and why it’s important.

—   Explore Community Wealth Building strategies.

—   Look at case studies from CLES’ work around Community Wealth Building and its impact.

—   Discuss how Community Wealth Building can be applied to the participant’s organisations and communities.

Who is it for?

Elected representatives, policy-makers, co-operatives, social enterprises, and the voluntary and community sector.

The workshop will be led by the CLES Chief Executive, Neil McInroy and Deputy Chief Executive, Matthew Jackson.

Who are CLES?

CLES are pioneers of Community Wealth Building in a UK context and are currently undertaking a raft of activities, most notably around procurement and anchor institutions across the UK and wider Europe.

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The Co-operative College is a British educational charity dedicated to the promotion of co-operative values, ideas and principles within co-operatives, communities and society.

Co-operative College, Holyoake House, Hanover St, Manchester M60 0AS.

* Webinar participants will be able to stream live video of the workshop, view presentations and put questions to the facilitator. For a full explanation of attending via webinar, please email

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