Local Journalism: Writing About the New Economy

How can writers and reporters avoid dreaded parachute reporting and write fairly about communities trying out new economic ideas? This one-day workshop will give you a practical introduction about how to identify, structure, and pitch local economic stories. You will leave with an understanding of what makes a good story, how to go about reporting and some ideas to continue working on at home.

  • An introduction to new economic reporting including some challenges.
  • Exercises identifying good practice.
  • Help with finding stories and writing about new economics.
  • Opportunities to ask questions about specific issues.
  • Ideas to continue working on at home.
  • A better idea of what new economic reporting is and where to find it.
  • An understanding of some of the pitfalls.
  • A sense of how to structure your reporting and writing.

This workshop is for anyone interested in writing about the new economy, including copywriters, press officers, reporters, writers and students.

Hazel Sheffield has spent the last three years documenting alternative economies at farnearer.org. She has written more than 75 stories on new economic ideas in the national press, including stories about community land trusts, share sales and people-led regeneration. 

This includes features and news stories in the Guardian, the Times, the Independent, the Financial Times, Wired, the Atlantic and elsewhere. In March 2019, Far Nearer was highly commended at the UK Press Awards.

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