Multistakeholder Co-ops

by Edd Baldry
Saturday 30th September 2017
Co-operative College, Manchester, M60 OAS
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Co-operatives are established for the benefit of their members—whether they are consumers, employees, tenants, users of mutual support services or savers and borrowers.

But life isn’t always that simple. What if you have members who don’t benefit themselves specifically, but who wish to support the venture? If you gloss over different interests —the interests of different ‘stakeholders’—you may be storing up potential problems for the future. The multi-stakeholder co-operative model offers a means to explicitly address the interests of all the stakeholders, be they employees, investors, users of the service, supporters or well-wishers, so different stakeholder groups can have a balanced voice in the business. You can bring in members from outside the main stakeholder groups as advisors, investors or ex-members holding sweat equity; they can participate, but with strictly limited rights.

The Workshop

— A good understanding of what a multi-stakeholder co-operative is, the advantages offered by this model and some of the complexity

— Awareness of some examples of multi-stakeholder co-ops, their successes and complexities

— Practical experience of thinking about the design of a multi-stakeholder co-op

Kate Whittle is an experienced trainer and facilitator, working in and with co-operatives of all kinds–both in the UK and overseas-for nearly 30 years. She is also a partner in Cooperantics LLP and secretary of Go-op Co-operative, aiming to be the first co-operative open access rail service in the UK. 

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Co-operative College, Holyoake House, Hanover St, Manchester M60 0AS.

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