Reframing New Economy Organisations for a Shifting Culture

This workshop will focus on how New Economy organisations – whether businesses, campaigns, investors, alternative currencies or other - can be ‘framed’ to make them most appealing to the broadest possible number of people in today’s cultural context. 

Through a series of practical exercises we will analyse the way your organisation is currently framed, what associations it is likely to activate among different audiences, and explore different ways of presenting it, that could result in more positive associations and wider appeal.

  • Breaking down the relevant trends in changing expectations and attitudes.
  • Analyzing our projects to see what associations they might activate – useful and otherwise.
  • Creative activities to generate new ideas for ways of enhancing and broadening appeal.
  • An understanding of ways that culture and perspectives are shifting, and why that matters for New Economy projects.
  • Insight into why your project may be appealing to some people but not others.
  • Ways to present your project differently, so it can reach beyond its natural audience.

Anyone running, supporting or considering starting a New Economy project.

Daniel Stanley is Creative Director at strategic communications consultancy Cohere Partners. He has over 10 years of experience in branding, communications and strategy across a range of sectors, working with some of the world’s biggest companies, NGOs and campaigning organisations. His background includes grassroots community organising and social psychology, and he specialises in finding new, innovative ways for values-led organisations to reach beyond their natural audience and build lasting alliances of support. 

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