Resilience in Practice

Whether we are undertaking activism, business or any other project, looking after ourselves often takes a backseat. But none of us are immune to burning out. We all instinctively know that burnout is ‘bad’, and resilience is ‘good’, but without space to understand the dynamics involved they remain abstract concepts which are hard to build into our daily (and busy) lives. Resilience is becoming more and more of a buzzword, but it has real meaning and practical value to our individual and collective work towards positive social change.

This practical workshop will explore the symptoms and risks of burnout, as well as how to avoid contributing to it in yourself and others, working through theory and tools to help build resilience into our lives and in our groups.

  • Moving past burnout and resilience as buzzwords, and exploring what they mean for you in practice – in your work, in your groups, and in your personal life.
  • Useful frameworks to understand the patterns and cycles we all get into, and how to articulate often abstract experiences.
  • Making the intangible tangible – space to map out the impact that burnout and resilience can have on your work.
  • A balance of theory, facilitated exercises, large and small group discussion and space to explore any unanswered questions.

  • Practical tools to use and share with others, including how to recognise patterns, understand triggers, and train yourself to give weight to the things that make you well.
  • A shared language with which to understand and communicate your experience with burnout and resilience to others.
  • A deeper understanding of how to build and contribute to resilient teams.
  • The tools to further prioritise your own resilience, and to support others to do the same.

  • Anyone working towards social change – whether as an individual, or as part of a community group, public sector body, enterprise or any other organisation.
  • Anyone who wants to explore how they can be more resilient, and contribute to the resilience of those around them.
  • You do not have to have experienced burnout to talk about it – all are welcome, regardless of experience.

Peter Lefort is the Community Network Manager for Eden Project Communities, connecting activists, volunteers, and organisations to create peer networks working towards social change. He is also a trustee of the Transition Network, and co-founder of a number of community projects in Oxford and his new home of Truro. He has supported community networks for almost a decade, and has been running workshops on resilience for the last seven years for activists, organisations, students, farmers and more.

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