The Power of Effective Groups: Transforming How We Work Together

Groups are a vital way of organising for social and ecological justice, but what enables a group to function well can often feel like a mystery. This workshop offers an introduction to effective group processes, exploring tools and approaches for working well together and looking at how they can be applied to build healthy group culture that achieves shared goals together.

  • Introduction to group processes and facilitation.
  • Exploration of some of the benefits and challenges of working effectively with others.
  • Skills, techniques and tools that help build trust, improve communication and achieve shared goals together.
  • An interactive, participatory, and reflective approach to the day.
  • Deeper understanding of what we need to pay attention to for a group to work well.
  • Tools and techniques to experiment with in your groups.
  • Approaches to creating healthy and effective groups that can be applied in different contexts and in groups of different sizes.
  • Practical next steps that you can take to better serve the groups you’re in.

Everyone building the new economy or dismantling the old, with an interest in learning how groups can become more effective. No prior understanding of facilitation or group processes is necessary.

Kat Wall is a facilitator, trainer and researcher. She seeks to work with groups to build power across difference in ways that challenge and change the systems that oppress us whilst building the capacity for collective liberation. She does this by facilitating processes that explore group dynamics through an anti-oppression lens; delivering training on organising, facilitation skills and sustaining resistance; and researching the role of training and facilitated spaces to disrupt power and privilege, to imagine and experiment with new ways of relating to transform ourselves, our groups and our society. 

Jenny Gellatly is Co-Coordinator of Transition Town Totnes and works as a Creative Associate with Encounters Arts, co-designing, managing and delivering projects. She trained in group process facilitation with the Institute for Facilitation and Change in Spain and has been putting theory into practice across a range of different projects and organisations with which she’s worked.  She is motivated by a belief in our ability to come together to re-imagine and re-design how we live and work together, to build a world in which we and all life can thrive.

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