Visual Storytelling: Who Tells Better Stories

Stir to Action Workshop Programme 2018-19
October 2018 to July 2019
10am - 4pm
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Storytelling is fundamental to our society, a tool that connects personal with collective and helps us understand ourselves and our world.

Whilst global corporations pour money into advertising campaigns that shape our values, dreams and aspirations, those of us fighting for social and economic change and political engagement fall for cliches, stereotypes, and alienating jargon.

This workshop is an invitation to have a critical conversation about how we've overlooked the importance of visual storytelling and how we counteract individualistic narratives and mobilise mass support for cultural and economic change.

What will it cover?

– What’s wrong with our visual storytelling?

– Why we need to up our game

– What are our challenges and opportunities

– How we can we use visual storytelling better

Who is it for?

This workshop is for people with campaigns and work promoting alternatives and seeking engagement for social, economic, and environmental change.

Ieva is a filmmaker and director at Blake House Filmmakers Cooperative and a strategic storyteller at Apparatus, building new narratives for economic democracy.



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