Visual Thinking: Editorial Idea Generation

New Economy Programme 2018-19
Dates & Locations:
London, 19 June 2019
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Editorial illustration has always been a space where the illustrators individual voice can be heard the loudest. The editorial space is where the illustrator gets the opportunity to push image making past the literal to a more interpretative space of ambiguity, signs/symbols, and metaphor.

For this workshop we will be exploring visual thinking at the idea generation stage of the creative process, learning the skills necessary to tailor and shape ideas to make clear relevant points and add value to the subject area.

— An introductory lecture on visual thinking methods (double meaning / metaphor / suggestive / persuasive).

— Sketchbook ideas generation, exploring skills and techniques on how to unpick text and identify visual solutions.

— A flash editorial brief discussing subjects from climate change to community organising, alternative finance to personal debt.

— Be in control of your ideas.

— To identify and understand your own visual thinking process.

— To understand ideas are developed over time and pushed through an individual visual thinking process.

— Illustrators, art directors, graphic designers, and writers.

Facilitated by

Phil Wrigglesworth

Phil Wrigglesworth is a Senior lecturer in Illustration at the University of West England Bristol and is a visiting speaker at Cardiff Met, NCAD Dublin and Sheffield Hallam. He has been a freelancer illustrator for the the past 15 years working for clients globally. He recently illustrated a book titled The ABCs of Socialism with Verso Press and Jacobin Magazine. He has also had a long standing relationship with the ATL Union, illustrating for their publication Report Magazine.

*The low-income price is for the unemployed, students, volunteers, and part-time employees.

Facilitated by

Phil Wrigglesworth

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