What If We Ran It Ourselves? Community Ownership

New Economy Programme 2018-19
Dates & Locations:
Oxford, 27 October 2018
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Bristol, 13 July 2019
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Low income payment (£50)
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Community businesses are on the rise, from farms to football clubs, piers to pubs. They can provide new life to old buildings, or keep a vital service running when no-one else thinks its viable. But what, exactly, is a community business and why are they on the rise? What are they, and how can you work out if you could start one (or more!) in your community? How can you fund them to get going and keep going? And what challenges will you face along the way?

— What community ownership is (and isn’t).

— Advantages and disadvantages of community ownership.

— Factors behind a successful community business.

— How to start a community business and keep it running.

— An understanding of what it takes to start a good community business.

— How to finance it.

— What help you can get along the way.

— Anyone who’s ever looked at a building or a service being provided in their community and thought ‘I bet we could do a better job’.

Facilitated by

Dave Boyle

Dave Boyle is a Director of the Community Shares Company, who have helped over 30 groups raise nearly £8M in the last 3 years to kick-start their own community businesses. He’s an advisor for the Power to Change Community Business Fund, and an associate of He is an experienced and entertaining workshop leader, and is currently developing an online course on how to run a community share issue. 

*The low-income price is for the unemployed, students, volunteers, and part-time employees.

Facilitated by

Dave Boyle

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