Words to Change the World: Narrative, Values, and Framing

New Economy Programme 2018-19
Dates & Locations:
Bristol, 8 December 2018
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Oxford, 23 March 2019*
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Low income payment (£50)
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*This workshop is now fully booked.

Ever feel like you are stuck in a bubble? Only speaking to the converted? Always competing for a limited supply of the same people?

Whether you are creating a new project, building support for a campaign, saving a local asset or service, or trying to rebrand your organisation, this workshop will explore the ways that tweaking the fundamentals of your communications can overcome barriers and transform your potential reach.

— The features of powerful narratives and storytelling.

— Different ways to understand people’s core values and how this influences their views.

— What framing is and how you can use it to change the way you are received.

— A process for applying these insights in practice.

— A refreshed perspective on your work.

— Specific ideas and changes you can implement.

— Practical techniques you can apply in your daily work.

—Case studies to persuade others in your organisation.

Anyone with a project, business or campaign that they’d like to see reach a wider audience working in:

— Social and co-operative startups.

— Nonprofits.

— Local government.

— Activism and campaigning.

Daniel Stanley specialises in finding innovative ways to inspire social impact. With a background in community organising & social psychology, he co-founded Small Axe, a movement-building non-profit, and currently leads Cohere Partners, a brand strategy consultancy. In the last decade he has developed brands and communications for some of the biggest businesses and nonprofits in the world, including Medecins Sans Frontiere, John Lewis and the Robin Hood Tax.

*The low-income price is for the unemployed, students, volunteers, and part-time employees.


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