Using AI to Democratise the Economy


2 August 2023 18:00 BST

£25 standard
£5 low income
£40 solidarity

Worries about the rapid rise of AI are widespread, with even the founders of the companies profiting from the technology calling for safeguards to be put in place. Overshadowed by these evocative claims of future threats, all too immediate harms are impacting on people and communities today. Dealing with this is an urgent priority, but as the increasing presence of AI in our future economy becomes an ever more inevitable prospect, those working for more just social outcomes must also consider the opportunities that the technology might present.

This webinar will focus on exploring how emerging shifts in power dynamics within organisations created by the use of AI could present opportunities for increased worker power, and the spread of more democratic models of governance, alongside the very real threats such as increased surveillance and centralisation. We will explore the actions needed to take advantage of these opportunities as they emerge, as well as how the undemocratic business models and extractive approaches to data of most major AI systems drive their most damaging externalities - and what we might be able to do to tackle this.

A recording will be made available to ticket holders following the event. For more information, contact


Daniel Stanley

Centre for Democratic Business & Future Narratives Lab

Dr. Abigail Gilbert

Director of Praxis, Institute for the Future of Work

Matt Davies

UK Public Policy Lead, Ada Lovelace Institute

About Us

The Centre for Democratic Business, hosted by Stir to Action, is the leading provider of economic development and support programmes for democratic business in the UK. We work with public institutions, infrastructure bodies, and foundations to advance democratic ownership in business and communities, as part of efforts to deliver on major strategic objectives, such as support for underrepresented groups, achieving net zero targets, and strengthening local economies.

Stir to Action is an economic development co-operative using the power of democratic ownership to transform economic inequality, the climate emergency, and wider society.

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The ‘ownership gap’ – the distance between the business ownership class and workers and communities – is underpinning unfair market outcomes across the UK economy. If we really want to be serious about changing business, we have to confront the fundamental structure of ownership.

Jonny Gordon-Farleigh, Stir to Action

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