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The ABCs of the New Economy

A practical primer and event guide to inspire local economic change.

Book cover of the ABCs of the New Economy
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Once again we're all facing real political instability and economic pressure.

Made worse by huge wealth inequalities, rocketing prices, an endless housing crisis, and persistent failure to take real action on climate. For all the promises from our politicians about bouncing back, levelling up, and sharing prosperity, it’s just not happening for most of us.

Despite crisis after crisis, new economic ideas are still largely unknown across communities, and it’s time for a post-pandemic movement to inspire local economic change.

The ABCs of the New Economy is an accessible ‘primer’ on all aspects of the new economy, sharing straightforward tools and ideas for workplaces, communities, and movements for change.

A User Guide to the ABCs

The ABCs of the New Economy is a new guide to inspire existing and new movements for local economic change. As a ‘primer’ it features a series of tools, models, and stories that can tackle the cost of living crisis and a broken energy system at the roots, transform an unfair housing market, reverse the social care crisis, and remake the way we produce and consume our food.

  • You value democratic ownership and participation
  • You are starting a new business or organisation
  • Your existing business or organisation is reviewing its structure
  • You’re planning to test these approaches on a individual project
  • You are a mentor or advisor looking for a practical guide
  • Set up a local event using the ABCs Event Guide
  • Start using it as a resource within your organisation
  • Share it in your work with businesses and community groups.

Tell us how you are using it!

Get in touch with us and tell us how you’re using the ABCs of the New Economy in your local community and beyond. #NewEconomyABCs

We’re planning a series of events and support for groups who are looking to spread these ideas. For more information, email us at

If you're part of a community group/network and would like to order copies, please use this link indicating the quantity and address. We'll review and then send a payment link to cover Postage & Packaging.

If you're part of a funded organisation, we have a limited number for sale at £2 each + Postage & Packaging. Click here to order.

P&P: 1 copy: £3.00 | 5 copy: £4.50 | 10 copy: £4.50 | 20 copy: £8 | Box of 49: £8 | Multiple boxes: price on request.

“This work is crucial and is the missing inspiration we need.”

Lucy Stone

What's inside?


Step-by-step how to guides to take you through everything you need to get set up, and keep going.

Short Guides

Introducing you to specific approaches and practical alternatives.

Case Studies

Living examples of best practice community businesses.

See inside

“We need accessible and clear information about what is possible beyond the current economic system!”

Sally Zlotowitz

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Further Reading

The team behind the ABCs also publishes STIR magazine, celebrating ten years in print in 2023. The quarterly publication not only promotes new and alternative approaches to economic transformation, but also grounds these approaches within economics, history, and politics.

Here is a selection of articles that explore the origins, challenges, and contradictions of some approaches to local economic development.

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