Could we bring Preston’s Community Wealth Building model to Cornwall? Or Bristol’s local currency to Newcastle? What if there were Participatory Cities in every borough of London? Imagine if schools across the country followed the Brixton Energy co-op model?

The Beyond Here Fellowship is a small grants programme (£2,000) to fund individual fellows to undertake place-based research that connects people and places with new economic models and approaches across the UK.

Working in partnership with different funders and organisations, we’re offering fellowship grants that focus on current challenges and opportunities, such as climate change, economic democracy, placemaking, mental health, and heritage.

How does it work?

To take part, see our current fellowships below, check the eligibility criteria, and apply when applications are open.

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For questions and further information get in touch with Stir to Action’s Beyond Here Fellowship coordinator Stephanie Gamauf.

Current Fellowships

Wellbeing in Community Leadership

Fellowship offer

Community business leaders do not always think of themselves as leaders and discover their leadership role changes over time. Recognising yourself as a community leader can have profound positive effects, but the experience of leadership can also be challenging and isolating under the pressure of realising a challenging business model and serving the needs of your community.

Through Beyond Here fellows will work closely with community leaders across the UK to explore these challenges as well as models for reducing, managing, and preventing the pressures that come with their involvement within the community business sector.

If you are interested in exploring this topic further, have an idea for a research topic and a community business you would like to work with, we invite you to apply.


  • Current or previous involvement in a community business/project/organisation.
  • Innovative research topic in the area 'wellbeing and mental health in community leadership' with the potential to highlight new challenges and/or approaches.
  • Experience/high interest in writing articles, creating podcasts, or making films.
  • Experience in conducting research, i.e. familiarity with different research methods and approaches, ability to clearly structure an innovative research strategy.
  • Clarity as to how a fellow (and their organisation if applicable) would benefit from taking part in this programme; what is the impact that Beyond Here enables them to achieve.
  • Strong relationship building skills, i.e. can demonstrate that they are able to work with people from all walks of life in a respectful and reliable way.

Important information

  • The grant value is £2,000 and will fund a week-long fellowship.
  • The grant will fund loss of earnings, accommodation, and a host contribution.
  • There are four fellowship grants offered through this programme.
  • Applications close on 1st September 2019.
Applications Now closed


For questions and further information get in touch with Stir to Action’s Beyond Here Fellowship coordinator Stephanie Gamauf.

Power to Change is an independent charitable trust set up in January 2015 whose funding is used to strengthen community businesses across England. At a time when many parts of the UK face cuts, neglect and social problems, we are helping local people come together and make sure their local areas survive and stay vibrant. We believe that no one understands a community better than the people who live there. In some areas, people are already coming together to solve problems for themselves, and we support them as they run businesses which help their whole community and recycle money back into the local area. Community businesses revive local assets, protect the services people rely on, and address local needs.

You can find out more about Power to Change here.

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