Ivan Illich: Technology, Education & Culture






3pm to 5:30pm

Industrial society has created a new kind of helplessness: human beings who have lost the ability to meet their own needs and the needs of their community. This was the argument Ivan Illich made in a series of influential books about schooling, technology, and culture. 

In this workshop, Dougald Hine (co-founder of Dark Mountain and a school called HOME) will tell the story of his journey into the world of Illich’s friends and co-conspirators, how their work contributed to movements from Asset-Based Community Development to the Zapatistas, and how it can nourish the work of regenerative culture today.

  • An encounter with the ideas of one of the most radical thinkers of the late 20th century
  • A mixture of storytelling, teaching, and discussion
  • Breakout sessions where we bring a couple of simple concepts from Illich’s work together with our own experiences
  • A sense of the historical context, practical application, and contemporary relevance of Illich’s ideas
  • An understanding of where Illich fits into a wider landscape of ideas and social movements
  • Tools for thinking and talking about our relationship with technology, the social functions of schooling and the role of culture
  • An orientation to possibilities of hope and action beyond the logic of progress and development
  • People interested in learning more about Illich’s life and work
  • Those who are engaged in grassroots community development, radical education, critical development studies, or decolonial futures
  • Anyone who is drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture in the places where we find ourselves

Dougald Hine is a social thinker, author, teacher, and co-founder of organisations including the Dark Mountain Project and a school called HOME. He has published conversations with many of Illich’s collaborators, including Gustavo Esteva, Sajay Samuel and David Abram, and is on the advisory board of Penn State University Press’s Ivan Illich: 21st-Century Perspectives series. He teaches at institutions including the Centre for Environment and Development Studies, Uppsala, the Kaospilots School, Aarhus and Schumacher College.

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