The Future of Organisational Design






3pm to 5:30pm

Our world faces many challenges today — problems that are often magnified by industrial age structures and cultures within our organisations. At the same time, communities, networks, co-operatives, and bold companies are innovating with how to co-operate and coordinate, exchange value, do work, and create impact. They are breaking the binary between company and customer, internal and external, manager and employee. 

This participatory session will give an introduction and overview of alternative organisational models being developed and practiced around the world. It will explore concepts and examples, such as purpose-driven and Teal organisations, platform co-operatives and decentralised autonomous organisations. 

  • An introduction to collaborative, human-centered organising models and practices
  • Examples and stories from groups adopting these new ways of organising
  • A space to reflect on how these ideas can be applied in your own context
  • A participatory session where you will connect with and learn from other participants
  • An overview of key areas in which organisational innovation is currently happening in legal, technical, social spheres
  • A deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges of new organising models
  • Starting points for exploring further and applying these ideas in your own organisation
  • Anyone who is curious to learn about this topic 
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a different approach to developing their initiative 
  • Leaders, employees, or members of small businesses or co-operatives who want to change how they organise 
  • Activists and community groups who are looking for the right way to grow and structure themselves.

Francesca Pick is an internationally recognized ecosystem builder and thought leader on distributed, participatory work. As co-founder of Greaterthan and member of global communities Enspiral and Ouishare, she works as a collaboration catalyst, facilitator and organization designer on topics such as participatory governance, self-management, collaborative decision-making and budgeting. She authored the chapter Welcome to the Age of Participation in Enspiral’s book Better Work Together (2019).

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