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Hannah Watson

Apr 27, 2021

The Young Cooperators' Network is being relaunched, and if you're a young cooperator*, or new to cooperating**, you can sign up here to become a member. It's an independent, peer-to-peer network, free to join, with a mission to support young cooperators through outreach, friendship, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The vision is to grow and diversify the cooperative movement and help young people tackle the changing nature of work, housing, and food by empowering them to join, form, and champion cooperatives.

By signing up as a member, you're also invited to help shape the identity of the network, so it appeals to a new generation of young cooperators. You can opt to join us for this co-creative process in the form, and take part in branding surveys and workshops.

And don't forget to select the newsletter option to hear about upcoming online socials and meet-ups, so we can get stuck in to building a Young Cooperators' Network together!

Supported by the Solid Fund

Our current thinking is the criteria will be:

*30 or under and either in a coop or aspiring to be
**any age but a member of coop for less than 2 years

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