Ownership Gap

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Dec 4, 2023

The Ownership Gap podcast comes from Stir to Action's Playground for the New Economy 2023.

Underlying and reinforcing our cost of living crisis, is one of ownership: the extreme concentration of private wealth in business, property and assets in the UK economy. In recent decades, despite increased awareness of the role of unequal ownership in creating negative outcomes, pre-existing inequalities between the ownership class and earners have only become even more dangerously divergent.

How can this ownership crisis be put on the agenda? What role can democratising business ownership play in addressing it? This session will explore the role of new and old innovations in tackling a fundamental factor in all the social challenges we face.

Keir Milburn, Abundance
Rose Marley, Co-ops UK
Jonny Gordon-Farleigh, Stir to Action
Suzanne Orchard, Co-op Development Scotland

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