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Sep 25, 2023

Reframing Food Futures - Overcoming Narrative Barriers to Systems Change

12 October 6-8pm | Online event

Our food system is clearly broken — but it remains difficult to imagine a genuine alternative gaining real traction. Popular and policy discourse remains siloed into a series of disconnected topics, without intuitive links between them, stymieing the strategic thinking and partnerships needed for progress. If we want to create a unified vision of a better food system, one that’s healthy, just, and sustainable, we will need to overcome these barriers. 

To start this process, we, along with the Future Narratives Lab and Landworkers’ Alliance co-hosted an in-person event on 15th September 2023 to begin analysing and attempting to overhaul the narrative barriers that silo the symptoms of dysfunction in our food system. During that event, the following themes were explored:

As a follow-up to this event, there will be an online summit on Thursday 12 th October 6-8pm. All our welcome and there is no requirement to have attended the in-person event.

This event will include presentation of the outcomes from the in-person analysis and mapping workshop held on 15th September, as well as interactive exercises and discussion on different aspects of narrative change in food systems.

Speakers will include:

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