Spotlight: Our work with Big Local

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Abby Gordon-Farleigh

Feb 29, 2024

We’re now over a year into being a Make it Happen support provider for Big Local areas, as they develop legacy plans to become self-sufficient and sustainable organisations making an impact in their communities. 

Stir to Action has had the opportunity to give one-to-one bespoke support to 18 areas to build capacity within their members, and get them on track to achieve their fundraising and income generation ambitions.

From developing fundraising strategies to running workshops on identifying new funding streams, to supporting workers to write funding bids, our team of advisors and associates have focused on building the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a community-led organisation.

A few support highlights: 

We are looking forward to continuing this work as the Big Local programme winds down over the next couple years, when all of the original 150 area partnerships will have spent their original £1.15M funding pot from Local Trust.

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