Stir to Action launches fourth year of its new economic learning & action platform

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Jonny Gordon-Farleigh

Feb 4, 2021

Booking is now open for the Spring 2021 series of New Economy Programme webinars, providing a place for democratic creativity for those playing a vital role in their local economy.

Now in its fourth year, our democratic learning and action platform is a practical programme of webinars that offer capacity-building training for local communities, democratic businesses, third sector organisations, and activists. 

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded in 2020 and the distancing measures were introduced, we redeveloped the programme to deliver the full series of workshops online. With expanded access to the programme attracting sponsorship of £32,000 from Power to Change, The Hive, and Lankelly Chase, more than 1,000 learners took part last year.

What’s new?

Space is limited on each webinar so early booking is advised. See the full programme and register at

Here’s what 2020 learners have to say:

"The [Sociocracy] webinar was a real eye-opener. Role playing a meeting and [facilitator Kayleigh Walsh’s] practical tips has meant we have more confidence in using Sociocracy. We were able to go away and put learning into practice within our co-op right away. We’re still practicing now!” Jennifer Smith, Founder, Signalise

“This workshop provided a fantastic introduction to both Community Psychology as an alternative to the dominant individualistic approach to psychology, and to Participatory Action Research as a tool for a peer to peer, values based approach to learning and knowledge development that supports collective action.” Mark Walton, Shared Assets

“The Self-Managed Teams webinar was delivered professionally, and breakout sessions allowed us to explore topics in more detail. It was good value for money and an essential piece of training given we are all working remotely at the moment and having to self-manage.” Gloria Davies Coates, Fashion Revolution

Abby Gordon-Farleigh, New Economy Programme producer, said:

“We’re encouraged by how much interest in the New Economy Programme there is from a broad range of sectors – especially within the context of the global pandemic. People are actively looking for a better way to live and work and not go ‘back’ to normal. And we’re seeing bookings of  three, four, and five webinars that build a variety of practical skills and approaches.” 

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