Issue 02

Summer 2013 #02

In this Summer issue we look at the alternatives taking place beyond the market and the state: The emergence of self-provisioning in food, finance and technology that has come from a new impatience but also, and more importantly, a new confidence in our ability to confront today’s challenges.

The last ten years has seen rent double and tuition fees triple for students studying in the UK. In response a group of students from Birmingham University have started what might be the UK’s first student housing co-operative by buying two houses to rent for students studying in the city.

We also have a Wild Garlic Goat’s Cheese recipe from forager Robin Harford and eco-chef Tom Hunt of Poco, Bristol shows us how to share sougdough starters!

It features original art by German Gullon, Jade They, Matthew Frame, Sam Parr, William Exley, David Kerr, Alex Charnley and Gabriel Ayala.

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