Issue 04

Winter 2014 #04

  • Climate column: John Stewart
  • Transition column: Luigi Russi (author of Hungry Capital: The Financialisation of Food)
  • Ending the Hypnosis of Normality: Stories Dying to be Told by Smartmeme Studio’s James John Bell
  • Shared Assets: A 21st Century Commons by founder Mark Walton
  • Interview with commons activist and advocate David Bollier (author and co-editor of last year’s Wealth of the Commons)
  • Democracy at Work? Britain’s co-operatives and trade unions should team up to establish a federation of union co-ops argues James Doran (member of Darlington’s non-profit Café Create)
  • Special Music Pull-Out: Three Acres and a Cow chord sheet with the history of the song from folk musician and historian Robin Grey
  • Owenstown: A New Co-operative Town by Project Director Bill Nicol
  • A Commons Timeline of victories and initiatives from around the global commons movement by activist Silke Helfrich
  • Permablitz: Permaculture-inspired garden makeovers to create more local food growing spaces, organized by the recently formed Permablitz London by Susannah Hall
  • 15 Years Since Napster: What Have We learned? by musician and author Mat Callahan
  • Real Food Van by Laurie Walters (a member of the Peasant Evolution Producers’ Co-operative and the UK branch of La Via Campesina)
  • The Anti-Capitalism of the Commons: Elinor Ostrom by the Green Party’s International Co-ordinator Derek Wall
  • Co-operative Architecture by the Cave Co-op founders Vera Hale and Liz Crisp
  • A review of Ivan Illich’s recently republished Beyond Economics and Ecology by commoner and Dark Mountain co-founder Dougald Hine
  • And the story of last issue’s Sponsored Project Counselling for Social Change

Original art by Matthew Frame (Cover), Gemma Cotterell, Luke Carter, Sam Parr, Edd Baldry, David Peter Kerr

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