Issue 05

Spring 2014 #05

  • John Stewart’s Climate Column looks at the persuasiveness of the recent floods on UK climate policy
  • Helene Finidori’s Commons Column reports on how the FLOK Society is institutionalising the commons “through the front door” in Ecuador
  • Liam Barrington-Bush’s The Open Office looks at how organisations are open sourcing their operations and inviting the public in to participate
  • In an interview with Earth Lawyer Polly Higgins we talk about her work to have ecocide – the mass destruction of an ecosystem – recognised as an international crime
  • Justseeds Artists’ Co-op explain their co-operative model for making and selling politically meaningful and effective art for social movements
  • Shareable writer Beth Buczynski looks around the thousands of self-organised events taking place during this year’s Sharing Spring
  • Is Sharing an Economy? Adam Parsons from Sharing the World’s Resources analyses recent criticisms of the sharing movement as venture capital begins to take an interest
  • Jack Paris’ Barxa tells the tragic story of the death of the Spanish countryside and the possibility for a rural renaissance
  • Jacob Stringer’s Lessons from Spain: The People vs The Banks reports on the success of Spain’s anti-eviction movement, Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca
  • Ivo Gormley, founder of GoodGym, reflects on the isolation of the modern gym and explains how you can be fit for purpose, connecting exercise with community action
  • Jay Tompt, co-ordinator of Totnes’ REconomy Project, revives the work of social theorist Manfred Max-Neef for an age of austerity and chronic unemployment
  • Academic Danijela Dolenec reviews commons activist David Bollier’s new Book, Think Like a Commoner
  • Festival organiser Daniel Hurring gives his take on festivals as pop-up utopias, micro-nations and testing grounds for new technologies and forms of communities

With original art from Jon Balenciaga, Clare Corfield-Carr, Daksheeta Pattni, Edd Baldry, German Gullon and Luke Carter

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