Autumn 2021 #35

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With Land We Can: Community Land Banks – Tom Carman

“Being told by current landowners that you don’t have the right to steward land is perhaps the largest barrier that land reform faces. It is a particularly acute culture within the UK, especially with our history and heritage of land ownership and colonialism.”

The Kruger Report and the Carceral State – Amardeep Dhillon, column

“The Kruger Report is an attempt to pragmatically fill the holes left by a retreating welfare state, but in conjunction with the far-right imaginary of the Conservative Party and parts of the Labour Party, it will be used to enable the ‘right kind of British community’ to empower itself, while the prison industrial complex escalates, detention centres swell, borders harden, homelessness and nomadic lifestyles are criminalised, dissent and resistance face violence.”

Review: Ending Fossil Fuels: Why Net Zero is Not Enough by Holly Jean Buck – Antonia Jennings and Eleanor Radcliffe

“While the needs of each country in the fight against climate change vary, the realisation of a green economy will not be uniform across the states and regions of each. The potential for green jobs, the scale of decarbonisation of industry, and the transport and housing needs are not best understood on the national but the local level.”

Report feature: Building democratic culture, skills, and partnerships in policy-led regions – Stir to Action

“Over the last half-decade we’ve been aware of a lack of strategic leadership, tensions, and uneven relationships between key stakeholders in democratic business and policy, which are currently undermining sector-wide ambitions. This report explicitly frames these challenges from the perspective of those working in and advising democratic businesses, with the aim of transforming how we work together towards a more democratic economy.”

Relaunching the Young Cooperators Network – Hannah Watson, Owen Powell, Simin Wadiwala

“The vision [of the network] is to grow and diversify the co-operative movement and help young people tackle the changing nature of work, housing, and food by empowering them to join, form, and champion co-operatives.”

Bringing people back to the land - Luci Edwards, Ecological Land Coop

“The UK agricultural sector is at a crossroads, and now more than ever is the time to bring agroecology to the forefront as a viable solution to the environmental issues we are facing. We need to encourage new faces into the sector, with new ideas and passion to make the necessary changes.”

Interview Rodrigo Nunes, author of Neither Vertical nor Horizontal: A theory of political organisation

“The 2011 generation, or at least most of those who have remained active since 2011, has proved itself to be a lot more flexible organisationally, a lot less binary, a lot less stuck in “you have to be either vertical or horizontal, and you must admit only these and these organisational forms, but never those”. They are more pragmatic in their relation to institutions, alliances, and electoral politics.”

Excerpt: The End of Capitalism (As We Knew It) – JK Gibson-Graham

“What difference might it make to release that brake and allow an anticapitalist economic imaginary to develop unrestricted? If we were to dissolve the image that looms in the economic foreground, what shadowy economic forms might come forward?”

Secret Community Leader – Anonymous

“Working in the wider community I am drawn to places and people that are providing shelter and sustenance for new growth. Much of this is through people connecting with each other, building networks of support, encouragement, and information exchange.”

Decade Reflections on Occupy - Nathan Schneider, Anastasia Kavada

“But what else came of 2011? Yemen, Syria, Libya, Egypt, even the Trumpian reaction in the United States – these also emanated from 2011. They are brutal reminders of what happens when we mobilise on networks we don’t control, when our mobilisations don't follow through on their disruptions.”

Review: Paint the Town Red by Matt Brown and Rhian Jones Dan Gregory

“If the long traditions of co-operativism and the social economy are included under the Community Wealth Building flag, then they risk being more easily dismissed as a trendy brand: part-protectionist, part-fantasy.”

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